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Benefits of N.C.C. (National Cadet Corps)

Hello Friends if you are interested in Military Carrer than NCC can help you in choosing a best career in Military. NCC has emerged as part of our education. These two bodies have done a lot of good to our boys and girls. Apart from affording practical situations of learning lessons in discipline these foster among our boys and girls a sense of responsibility and a state of preparedness. At the time of our conflict with Pakistan our cadets did meritorious service to the county. Cadet at once rose to the occasion with a full sense of responsibility and risk. They knew their job, without much ado they went into action. They proved to be the third of deference. But all students are not fit for military services. 
Most of boys who undergo this training in schools and colleges come out disciplined, hardened young men to face life's harzards. They do not propose to take up a military career but the training stands them in good stead even in other spheres of life. 
But for those who intend joining the army this training is of the greatest importance. The choice of a profession depends much on one's inclination and attitude. One's interest is of fundamental importance in choosing a profession.
Soldier’s training can never be started too early. The curlier it starts the better. He should imbibe all these qualities which are necessary, at this impressionable age. These qualities than will become a part of his nature. 
The back ground to the solider is more important than his ability to fire a gun. He should be a full solider in looks and reality. If we join the army we will be benefited. It is on this principal that sainik schools have been started in different parts of our country. NCC is the basic idea behind them.
NCC can thus, give us the required training and the needed equipment for army life. Many of these cadets have already joined the forces and are serving the country in one position or the other. Many more will follow. The need of the country is great and desire of the young men to serve the country is great.

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